Fear, Fun and Faith

30 Minutes or One Hour

During this award-winning talk, John Flanner MBE delivers an engaging, powerful, and humorous account of how he conquered fear and blindness to achieve outstanding success in his personal and professional life.

You and your staff will be captivated as John tells his story with a disarming and formidable sense of fun, enthusiasm for life, and unfailing determination to see every obstacle as an opportunity.

John’s gripping account of how he overcame his fears to challenge the traditional view of disability and forged his own path to success, will transform the atmosphere in your office and leave a positively charged working environment. 

You will be inspired by John’s honest account and willingness to laugh at himself as he shares the moments when he fell down a manhole, stepped off a train and missed the platform, and the much requested wallpaper story! 

Most people live with some kind of fear that can paralyse them at work and stop them from succeeding in life or fulfilling their potential.  John will connect with your staff at the level of their fears, showing them how to confront the issues and leave them behind.

The buzz in your office after this talk will be tangible, laughter and tears are commonplace in equal measure, and the positive impact in terms of raising morale could last for months!  

John was awarded the Civil Service Outstanding Achievement Award in 2006 for his services to Equality and Diversity after single-handedly pioneering this sought-after talk, and delivering it across the country.

John has a life-long passion to engage people in celebrating diversity and he will make the issues come alive for you and your staff!

"John is an inspirational person and a quite brilliant speaker. In life, you sometimes meet people who give you a different perspective, lift you up and leave you with hope - John is one of these people" 

William Hague, Chief People Officer, HMRC

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