An Incredible Journey

30 Minutes

“Managers, like teachers, have an incredible impact on our lives.  They can stifle or release potential and I would do anything to help produce more positive and inspirational managers.  It is they, I believe, who will help make your business a wonderful place in which to work.”

John Flanner MBE 

During this talk, John Flanner MBE will give a thrilling and mesmerizing account of the powerful impact of one manager’s encouragement to help him overcome his fears, transform his working life, and prepare a life-changing, award-winning message for a national audience.

Having been in a rut at work since he went blind at the age of 19, a Senior Manager was inspired and moved by one of John’s articles, and challenged him at the age of 57 to break out of his comfort zone and do more training.

John decided to take up the challenge and what happened next has surpassed all of his expectations.  After doing a ‘Breakthrough’ course, John soon found that he had a new and broader vision for his life, and had been handed the tools and skill set to reach for his dreams.

This led John to write a book and pioneer a series of award-winning and empowering talks that he has delivered to thousands of people across the UK, culminating in being awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2014.

At this stage in his life John has been encouraged not to retire, but to re-fire on all cylinders into a whole new orbit!  

This captivating talk will raise morale and transform the atmosphere and buzz in your office. 

Encouragement works; Believe in your people and you can change their lives and transform your company!

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