Introducing John Flanner MBE

John Flanner MBE on stage photo


“The keynote talks I deliver are designed to help you dramatically raise staff morale and transform the atmosphere in your company.  

“My 30 minute talks entitled ‘An Incredible Journey’, ‘Break Out’, and ‘Fear, Fun, and Faith’, can be delivered separately or together in a two hour session with your staff.

“I aim to leave positively charged working environments in your business, and give you the tools to help you realise your full potential.

“I have found that so many people live in fear.  They feel demoralised at work and don’t believe in themselves or know how to achieve their dreams. 

“However, you can achieve great things if you know your line manager believes in you so, if you are managing a team, don’t be a dream stealer!  

“The level of success I have achieved is down to one senior manager who believed in me and my abilities, and did something about it.  

“Since then I have learned how to overcome my fears and plan to succeed, and have shared my experiences across the country.

“Positive intervention from someone who has learned the art of encouragement can help you to grab life by the scruff of the neck, and develop the skills you need to walk into your destiny.

“If you have achieved business success, you will have already learned that successful people respond well to obstacles, know how to confront issues with the right attitude, and love what they do.   They are usually fully engaged in the workplace and actually look forward to going to work in the morning. 

 “I will leave your teams with some keys to help them unlock their potential, break out of deep ruts, and start moving towards their goals. 

“Successful people make successful companies!

“I look forward to meeting you.”


John Flanner MBE

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