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Striding Forward coverJohn's Fifth Book, Striding Forward

John chronicles his pathway from losing his beloved wife and being supported through those days, to receiving renewed energy to move forward in life with purpose.

Join him as he describes, with his usual honesty and enthusiasm, that ongoing journey.  Order online today


John’s fourth book, The Well Overflows 

By popular request, what started out as over 50 daily articles of positivity and hope for Facebook during the 2020 coronavirus lockdown, have been collated into one keepsake book.  (`The Well` is the affectionate term for John’s apartment from which all the articles flowed.) 

Written with John’s usual honesty, enthusiasm and humour, The Well Overflows is another must-read!

Genre: Christian/Inspirational

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'Beautiful Game, Beautiful Memories', John's latest book launched at Aston Villa Football Club, pays homage to the Club as John shares the magical moments of football heroes past and present, recounting legendary matches and dramatic events over the past 60 years.

Now available online.

Brian Little, legendary player and former Manager of Aston Villa, said: "John's story is simply incredible...Most of us have been blessed with being able to watch football, rather than having to imagine in our mind's eye what is happening on the pitch.  So for someone like John to follow Villa as passionately as he has done without being able to see is amazing."

Peter McParland, who first met John in May 2015, commented: "John is a unique man who has overcome many difficulties as a young boy to become a fantastic supporter of Aston Villa and a fantastic person.  It's marvellous he's overcome the difficulties he has to become who he is today, and an outstanding supporter of the Club."

Former Aston Villa Manager, Ron Atkinson, added: "John's recollections of players and matches stirred up so many wonderful memories for myself.  This book is a fantastic read for all of those who genuinely love 'the Beautiful Game' and I thoroughly recommend it as an inspirational read."





John’s gripping book, ‘Bitzaro to Buckingham’ is available on Kindle

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“A book you won’t be able to put down and one that will leave a lasting deposit of hope with the reader!”

Acclaimed blind writer, John Flanner MBE, is back with the second installment of his highly entertaining, emotionally moving, and inspiring autobiography.

John’s gripping story takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows from a traumatic medical emergency at Bitzaro Palace on the Greek shores, to the remarkable accolade of receiving an MBE at Buckingham Palace.

Readers will empathise with John’s totally honest and personal account of how he faced a series of distressing events on holiday, resulting in an air ambulance ride back to England, and then found himself caring for his ill wife while facing new challenges in his working career. 

Displaying his heart and his humour in the pages, John’s wonderful writing style captivates the reader who will likely experience laughter and tears in equal measure as he takes them on a journey through the last ten years of his life.

Being focused on the encouragement and empowerment of others on their own journey, while overcoming personal illness and obstacles, John’s inspirational story shows how one man has defied the odds and continues to reach new heights as he follows God’s path for his life.

John’s ultimate faith in God, along with an unswerving belief that every person is unique and has a special God-given talent and exciting destiny to fulfill, will raise reader morale, put a smile on your face, and empower you to move out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams.

A book you won’t be able to put down and one that will leave a lasting deposit of hope with the reader!

Fear, Fun and Faith, John Flanner MBE

The first installment of John Flanner MBE's autobiography has now been up-dated and re-published, including the addition of photographs, and available online now.

John Flanner was a typical football mad teenager until he was robbed of his sight at the age of 19 to a rare hereditary condition.  As a shy, self-deprecating young man growing up in 1960s Birmingham, John was already battling many fears and phobias before his subsequent blindness plunged him into a world of darkness.

However, John's determination to succeed, faith in God and the ability to see the potential in every situation led to the rise of a Brummie born man who has conquered his fears and helped change attitudes within the business world.

John was the first recipient of the prestigious National Civil Service Diversity Award in 2006 and is now a sought after motivational speaker using his personal experiences in overcoming unexpected disability to inspire and encourage businessmen and women across the UK.

Fear, Fun and Faith is the inspirational story of an ordinary man who has led an extraordinary life.  Join John as he takes you through the twists and turns of his personal journey with his trademark humour and witty writing style, peppered with plenty of emotional anecdotes and more than one miracle along the way.