30 Minutes

This powerful, motivational talk will inspire you to break out of deep ruts, change your attitude to work, dare you to chase your dreams, and give you the self-management skills to succeed.

As a leader, one of the greatest challenges in life can be to manage yourself!  This transformational talk aims to help you unlock your potential, armed with the skill set you need to encourage your team and achieve your goals.

You are unique and talented, but John will give you five keys to empower you to leave your comfort zone behind and plan for success.  The keys to your future are:

Key 1 - Talk the Walk

Watch what you say about yourself!  Your words have the power to kill your dreams, or inspire you to achieve them. Make a decision to give yourself positive affirmation and start to believe in yourself.  ‘Talk the walk’ with confidence and see a transformation in your thinking.

Key 2 - Dream Chasers

What dreams do you have about your future?  Are you still dreaming big, or have you had your dreams crushed by family, friends or colleagues?  If you are a manager, don’t be a dream stealer.  When you believe in someone, you have the power to transform their attitudes to work and help them plan to achieve their goals.  

Key 3 - Travelling Light

If you want to succeed, you need to leave the baggage behind.  Successful people on the journey to achieving their dreams can’t afford the luxury of carrying a heavy load.  Don’t let bitterness, disappointment, or any other obstacle stand in your way.  Learn how to confront issues and then move on! 

Key 4 - Great Expectations

You always have a choice in life!  You can stay where you are or decide where you want to be in five years time and chart a course towards your dream.  Start by seeing yourself as successful.  What are you doing?  Then take some steps back and make a coherent plan to achieve your goal.  

Key 5 - Dream Team

The people you surround yourself with can often determine what you become, so take a good look at who you hang around with!  Start putting your dreams into words, and don’t be afraid of what people might say. The right people will be drawn to stand alongside you and your vision, so only keep those around you who believe! 

Grab life by the scruff of the neck and develop the skills you need to walk into your destiny!

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