Training Day Brings Positive Feedback

Training Day Brings Positive Feedback

Talking about his experiences after speaking at a recent Managers' Training Day, John Flanner MBE said: 

"What a wonderful time I had while visiting managers in Leicester yesterday with a colleague Graham Clark. I spoke for 30 minutes at the end of their day's training.  Right from the outset I was impressed with the vitality and enthusiasm of facilitators and managers alike.  They were a lively responsive bunch and I felt most at ease among them.

"I was introduced by the senior manager as 'the most inspiring speaker he had ever heard' which was a lot to live up to, but it was so encouraging and a great start. I found it very easy to share my story, sensing they were with me from start to finish as I outlined my 30 year journey in the Civil Service right up to where I am now. There were apparently lots of tears as well as laughter.

"My colleague Graham Clark commented that it was most enlightening sitting at the front and watching people hanging on every word I was saying.  At the end I received a spontaneous standing ovation for about there or four minutes. Thank you to all those who attended for a wonderful response and support.

"In all I sold 10 'Fear, Fun and Faith' books and everyone wanted them signed. People were upbeat and positive in their feedback and one of the other senior managers said it was incredible how what I had brought fitted in perfectly with many of the themes running through the day.

"And so on to Monday in London and looking forward to a meeting at the Business Disability Forum - definitely re-firing and not retiring!"