John’s enthusiasm for life is infectious

John Flanner MBE recently received this positive feeback from the Rt Hon Lord Taylor of Warwick:

“I fully endorse John on a personal and professional level.  I know you will enjoy his story and also gain from it.  John Flanner and I go back a long way.  Like me he’s a Brummie with Solihull connections.  We love music and support Aston Villa, both Villains! 

“We have all struggled with fear at times, and sometimes the fear of something can be more destructive than the thing in question!   John’s story, and his journey to conquer his many fears, will show you that these feelings are not uncommon, but that there is hope that it doesn’t always have to be this way.

“John’s life-changing story has the power to transform your outlook on life, empower you to get out of your comfort zone, and give you the skills you need to overcome every obstacle and pursue your dreams.  John’s enthusiasm for life is infectious!”