An Evening with John Flanner MBE Inspires Over 120 Guests

'An Evening with John Flanner MBE' Inspires Over 120 Guests.

Over 120 guests were recently inspired at ‘An Evening with John Flanner MBE’, after John encouraged them to begin to celebrate life, enjoy work, and try to create a more positive atmosphere and environment in the workplace.

The evening was organised to celebrate the launch of John’s latest book, ‘Bitzaro to Buckingham’, and an up-dated version of ‘Fear, Fun and Faith’, as well as celebrating his award of an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2014.

One of the guests who attended the event, Anne Lowe, said:

“It’s a real honour and privilege to know John.  He’s such an inspiration, so motivational, an amazing man.  Such a great example of how we can overcome adversity and difficult trials and situations.  He’s such an overcomer when he could easily have been overcome by what he’s gone through.  But he is amazing and it’s a real honour to just know him and his wife Sylvia…The great impact he is having is really inspiring people and encouraging people to follow their dreams and to reach their goals.  John you are fantastic.”

Mariann McKay, another guest, said:

“Coming here tonight was absolutely inspirational.  You’ve really made me realise you can achieve anything that you put your mind to.  I go away tonight feeling all inspired like you said and I’ve learned a lot…I hope to hear more about you soon.”

Guest Christine Seaton added:

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed your motivational talk yet again…But what I really want to say to you is motivation and encouragement is who you are.”

Commenting on the reason behind setting up his motivational speaking business, John Flanner MBE said:

“I started my business as a motivational speaker because I want to see people in the workplace beginning to enjoy their life and enjoy their work.  I’ve discovered over the years that many people in the UK are actually living what somebody said is a Monday to Friday death, and I find that quite a horrifying thought.

“We spend so much of our time away from our families and with our work colleagues and so it strikes me that the best thing we can do is actually enjoy the time we are there.  I realise that’s not always possible with targets and other pressures, but actually I think we should strive to be more cheerful, smile, to be positive, to be encouraging with our teams, to be generous with our words, to try and create a more positive atmosphere and environment in the workplace - so that is my passion.

“What excites me about setting up my business is that it gives me an opportunity to go out and make a difference in other peoples’ lives.  I can do that by bringing some of my story into the workplace, letting people know that I have been able to overcome setbacks as a person who is disabled and totally blind, and also having a hearing impairment.  It’s still possible to enjoy life, to smile, and to be really positive so I want to impart some of that to the audience and help people to begin to celebrate life, enjoy work, enjoy family, and enjoy everyday that they live on this planet.

“Encouragement is very powerful and I think the word encouragement should actually be spelled with an ‘in’ instead of an ‘en’ at the beginning, because when we take time to encourage people we actually given them courage.   We put courage into them to give them the necessary get up and go to begin to step out and fulfil their dreams.  That’s what I’ve done in becoming an author well into my 60s, and now becoming an inspirational speaker at a time when most people are retiring and putting their feet up.  I’m not retiring but I’m re-firing!”

Summing up ‘An Evening with John Flanner MBE’, guest David Seaton said:

“It’s been a wonderful night.  You are very inspirational. You’ve had many barriers in your life but it’s made you stronger…When you’re down and feeling blue, a dose of John Flanner is good for you!”